"Everything I Do Is For The 17-Year Old Version Of Me"

"Everything I Do Is For The 17-Year Old Version Of Me"

“Everything I do is for the 17-year old version of me.”  - Virgil Abloh

Ever since we started Sarap Now in 2018, one of our most asked question is, “When are you getting Belo soap? Will you ever carry whitening products from the Philippines?” 

Growing up Filipino, in the Philippines for the first 10 years of my life and moving to America at 11, family, peers, and strangers alike have commented on my brown skin.  Compound these unsolicited, negative comments with Philippine entertainment and media glorifying lighter skin, you grow up believing this false ideology that lighter is better.

Fast forward decades later, and it’s disappointing to see that this narrative still exists in Philippine products and media.  It is a narrative I don’t agree with.  And, I believe it is a narrative that can be destructive to impressionable, young minds.

So through Sarap Now, and I thank you for giving me this platform, everything I’ve done and will do is for the 17-year old version of myself that so badly needed to hear:  your brown skin is beautiful, your “ethnic” food is delicious, and all of it is worth sharing!

Tl;dr Sarap Now does not carry and will not carry products that are specifically marketed to “whiten” skin.  However, we will continue to spread Filipino positivity, uplift our culture and community, and share our love for Filipino food.





  • Katrina at Sarap Now

    You’re welcome, Nicole. Thank you for reading.

  • Nicole

    I love this! Thank you!

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