Our Story

Filipino / AAPI & Woman Owned

Sarap Now was founded in 2018, by Katrina and Kenny Camarillo, to help the Filipino diaspora gain access to their favorite goods.

As we continued to work with brands and makers, we saw a lot of innovation happening within the Filipino and the greater Asian American Pacific Islander AAPI community.

Now, we see younger millenials and Gen Z's taking chances on themselves--they want to create.

New products are entering the market that are sustainable, healthier, or more dynamic versions of products from the past generation.

And we want to be there to help these makers build their brands.

Share Culture, Share Food, Share Lifestyle

Sarap Now is the fastest growing marketplace for native Asian and AAPI goods. We are celebrating the immigrant and American born experience by bringing traditional and modern goods together in one place.

Our mission is simple: to empower and embrace our community, inspire creativity, and deliver smiles right to your door.