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M.Y. San Skyflakes Sweet Mantikilya

M.Y. San

Skyflakes Sweet Mantikilya by M.Y. San

SkyFlakes Saltine crackers is a light cracker with a distinct, plain taste and a very subtle salty flavor.  Skyflakes Sweet Mantikilya adds a sweet butter cream taste to the crackers, reminiscent of butter and sugar on pandesal.  It is sweet and salty, nostalgic, and quite addicting.  

Available in 10x30g.

Ingredients: Crackers: Wheat Flour, Vegetable Shortening (Coconut Oil and/or Palm Oils), Coconut Oil, Iodized Salt, Sugar, Sodium Bicarbonate, Raising Agent, and Yeast. Filling: Sugar, Vegetable Shortening (Coconut Oil and/or Palm Oils), whey Powder, Dextrose, Iodized Salt, Artificial Flavors, Soya, Lecithin, and Beta Carotene (Color).

Allergens: Contains Milk, Wheat, and Soy.

Product of the Philippines.

Vendor: M.Y. San

M.Y. San Skyflakes Sweet Mantikilya has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.