Oodaalolly Roasted Cacao Nibs

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The primary ingredient in chocolate is also a highly nutritious superfood.

The unique mineral composition of the soil and the warm climate of the Philippines impart an unmistakable flavor to the cacao grown there. Additionally, proximity to pineapples, coconuts, and other local agriculture adds to the terroir. 

These elements combine to give products derived from Filipino cacao an unabashedly unique taste, perfect for nibs. 

As a bean-to-bar chocolate maker, we have developed a unique roasting profile that brings out and locks in the exceptional flavor of these beans. 

Available in 8 oz pouches

What are Chocolate Nibs?

Nibs are not chocolate. They smell chocolaty, but the similarity ends there.

Chocolate is a highly refined product. To make chocolate, we grind cacao nibs with ball mills, stone mills, blade mills, and all other sorts of mills for an extended time. Then we add sugar. And grind it some more. And then maybe milk powder - for milk chocolate - followed by, you guessed it, more grinding. Then it can be conched, which is a fancy way of saying even more grinding. After all that, you basically have chocolate.

Nibs are an ingredient, like flour. We can use both in many ways, but unlike flour, nibs can also be enjoyed on their own (or as part of an additional element in the food you already enjoy - yogurt or ice cream, for example).

They can and do have a bitter aftertaste. 

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About Oodaalolly: Hernan and Jeremy are the masterminds behind Oodaalolly - a chocolate company that combines Filipino ingredients with Swiss style and techniques, made proudly in the USA. Hernan's lifelong obsession with chocolate led him to start the company, while Jeremy joined the team after falling in love with the chocolate and helping out at a Filipino night market in San Francisco. During the pandemic, Jeremy spent his time learning about chocolate and honing his craft, eventually developing Oodaalolly's "Laabooratory" where they use unique Filipino ingredients, Swiss techniques, and American innovation to create their award-winning chocolate. With a dream to open chocolate shops in Iceland and the Philippines, Oodaalolly offers a one-of-a-kind chocolate experience that is truly unforgettable.

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