Kokak Chocolates


      In the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco, Kokak Chocolates specializes in single origin, small-batch heirloom chocolates. "Kokak," which means "ribbit" in the Filipino language, stems from Founder and Head Chocolatier Carol Gancia's deep Asian roots and passion for creating adventurous flavors with the rare "Naciónal" cacao variety.

      Carol Gancia, founder and head chocolatier of Kokak Chocolates, desires to share her unwavering passion for grown-up chocolate confections with the greater San Francisco Bay Area community.

      Gancia's Asian ancestry inspired the name Kokak, which means "rabbit" in Filipino. She hopes to take customers on a visual and sensual journey to a tropical pond in Asia where lilies, bamboo, plants, and animals flourish. With an artisanal focus on truffles, bars, pastries, and liquid chocolate beverages, she creates approachable, umami-rich, and entertaining chocolates.

      18 products

      18 products