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Pinipig Polvoron by Aling Conching

Aling Conching


Pinipig Polvoron by Aling Conching

Polvoron is an authentic Filipino snack that can be described as simply "crumbly shortbread."  A polvoron variant that is widely popular is the pinipig polvoron.  Pinipig can be described best crisped rice, and is a great addition to the crumbly texture of polvoron. 

Aling Conching is a premier candy and delicacy maker of Filipino snacks, and their line of polvoron is delicious and super flavorful with each bite.  

Available in 6 oz.  Approximately 10 pcs.

Product of the Philippines

Vendor: Aling Conching

Pinipig Polvoron by Aling Conching has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.