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Ninong's Pastries Ube Lengua de Gato

Ninong's Pastries

Ube Lengua de Gato by Ninong's Cafe

Hand-pressed, each cookie is flavored with ube and crafted with love.  Ninong's Cafe took a favorite Filipino childhood snack, lengua de gato, and added a creative ube twist to the mix.  Genius!

• Ingredients ube, butter, sugar, eggs, flour
• 12-13oz. per package

About Ninong’s Pastries & Cafe, Inc:  Opened its doors in October of 2008 with one main goal in mind: to share Filipino culture and food with our community. Ninong’s is a family owned and operated business and runs our day-to-day operations out of their cafe/bake shop in Northridge, CA, a suburb north of Los Angeles.

The bake shop offers Filipino-American inspired Pastries, Breakfast, and Lunch items. Their pastries are made and baked at the shop from their family’s recipes.