Natural Energy Crystal Wand Point Tower 70-80mm

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Natural Energy Crystal Wand Point Tower 70-80mm

Because the tip of the crystal wand attracts and directs energy in the direction you place it, it helps you focus the energy of the crystal on your goal and use the potent vibration generated by the crystal radiation to achieve the goal. Hand-polished crystal wands are considered to be more potent than regular healing crystals.

Each crystal tower is cozy to hold and ideal for grounding, chakra balancing, healing, and meditation.

Ideal for meditation spaces, office, and home decoration.

Height: 70-80mm

7 Chakras

What are chakras?

The human body is an advanced and intricate energy structure. In our bodies, energy runs like a stream. Of course, as the water flows, vortices will form, and these vortices represent the many chakras in our bodies.

The human body contains seven chakras, each of which serves a certain function and is held by particular emotional impurities as we develop. Consequently, a technique is required to open it.

Natural crystals are created by the earth's varied energies being absorbed under various circumstances. It can make contact with the earth and clear impurities, balancing the energy of the body's many chakras and allowing it to flow freely.

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