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Lucky Me Pancit Canton Kalamansi

Lucky Me

Instant Pancit Canton Kalamansi by Lucky Me

Starving but short on time?  Lucky Me! Instant Pancit Canton is a quick delicious meal with each noodle packed with garlic onion and chicken flavor!  Kalamansi flavor added for a subtle tart citrus taste!  Calamansi is a popular accent to many Filipino dishes... freshly squeezed on top of pancit, sisig, or any condiments to give it a distinctively Filipino taste.

Lucky Me! Instant Pancit Canton has been a popular Filipino snack for many years. Lucky us, it is now available in the U.S., and can be delivered to your door.

Product of the Philippines

Vendor: Lucky Me

Lucky Me Pancit Canton Kalamansi has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.