Jufran Banana Sauce


Jufran Banana Sauce

Banana sauce is commonly known as banana ketchup.  Most Filipinos will grab Jufran banana ketchup first before they reach for Heinz. 

Banana ketchup was actually invented during WWII when tomatoes, and therefore ketchup, was in rare supply. So people began making their ketchup using bananas instead, which resulted in a sweeter condiment, and it has been widely adopted by Filipino cuisine.  For example, it is almost impossible to serve lumpiang shanghai without banana ketchup.

Available in 12oz bottles

Ingredients: water, sugar, banana, salt, modified starch, spices, sodium benzoate as preservative, acidulant, onion powder, garlic powder, artificial color. 

Product of the Philippines

Vendor: Jufran

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