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Giron Ube Powder



Ube Powder by Giron

Purple yam, or most commonly known now as ube, is used in a variety of desserts. Ube powder is a common flavor ingredient for ice cream, milk, swiss rolls, tarts, cookies, cupcakes, cakes and other types of pastries.  Currently, an ube recipe taking over the Filipino world is the ube cheese pandesal, which uses the ube powder as its main ingredient.

The ube powder needs to be cooked in a water-filled saucepan until it forms a paste texture.  If you are looking for something that is ready to use, try the McCormick Ube Extract.

If you haven't heard, ube is fast becoming a staple in the food world globally.

  • Baking and dessert ingredient
  • 4.06 oz. each 
  • Available in 1 or 2 Packs

Product of the Philippines.

Vendor: Giron

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