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Calbee Jagarico Potato Sticks Hokkaido Butter


Jagarico Potato Sticks Hokkaido Butter by Calbee

Jagarico Umami Seaweed is an elevated potato snack from Japan.  These potato sticks are crunchy and crispy with each bite.  Jagarico Potato Sticks Hokkaido Butter combines hearty potatoes with creamy hokkaido butter, that is reminiscent of eating yummy mashed potatoes in snack form.

Net wt. 2.05 oz. 

Ingredients: Antioxidant, butter, corn syrup, dextrin, emulsifier, flavouring, lactose, parsley, potato, powdered milk, salt, seasoning, sugar, sweet potato powder, vegetable oil, whey powder. *May contain additional ingredients.


Vendor: Calbee