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B Sweet Nitro Cold Brew Matcha Green Tea

B Sweet

The same amazing cold brew Matcha Green Tea that B Sweet Dessert Bar serves on tap in their shop has been canned for your convenience so you can crack it open anywhere!  Just like B Sweet Nitro Coffee cans, just shake well and pour hard to enjoy the cascading nitrogen bubbles and creamy head. Remember it contains ZERO cream or sugar! The creaminess comes from the tiny nitrogen bubbles and the sweetness from the cold brewing process.


• Ceremonial/Premium Matcha Green Tea
• Steeped in filtered, cold water for 24 hours
• Cold Filtered/ Cold Packaged
• High pressure nitrogen infused

• Cold Brewed = Brings out natural sweetness
• Delivers mega-dose of antioxidants in every sip
• Boosts metabolism and burns calories
• Enhances memory, mood and concentration
• Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar
• Easy to recycle aluminum cans

Smooth, Creamy, Naturally Sweet |  More Antioxidants than Goji, Pomengranate, Acai

All Natural | Pure Matcha |  Vegan | Dairy Free | Sugar Free


Vendor: B Sweet

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