B Sweet Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

The same amazing cold brew coffee that B Sweet Dessert Bar serves on tap in their shop has been canned for your convenience so you can crack it open anywhere!  Just shake well, open slowly and pour hard into a glass or enjoy straight from the can. It will be the smoothest, creamiest glass of cold brew you'll ever taste.

• Dark Roast - South American Blend
• Steeped in filtered, cold water for 24 hours
• Cold Filtered / Cold Packaged
• High pressure nitrogen infused

• Less acidity = Better for stomach, teeth
• Less bitterness = Better for flavor, breath
• Naturally sweet = No cream or sugar needed
• Caffeine Boost = Hits you faster, lasts longer
• Up to 2x the amount of caffeine per serving
• Easy to recycle aluminum cans

Super Smooth, Creamy, and Naturally Sweet! | More health benefits than hot brewed coffee!

Organic - GMO Free | Fair Trade |  Vegan | Dairy Free | Sugar Free

Roasted, brewed, and canned in Los Angeles, California


Vendor: B Sweet