How Sarap Now Coupons Work

Sarap Now sends Sarap Now coupons to select buyers, which can be applied to their next eligible Sarap Now order. These coupons are entirely funded by Sarap Now, making them distinct from the coupons offered by sellers for specific shops.

What happens when a customer uses a Sarap Now coupon?

Sarap Now may send Sarap Now Coupons to certain buyers, which offer a percentage or fixed-amount discount off eligible orders. These coupons may include special usage conditions, such as a minimum spend requirement. The coupon also states how long the buyer has to use the coupon before it expires.

Does a Sarap Now Coupon affect how much I make on a sale or the seller fees I pay?

Sarap Now is entirely responsible for funding these coupons. This means that if a buyer uses a Sarap Now coupon on an order, you will still receive the full order amount. Following a sale, the total amount appears on the receipt and is reflected in your Payment account.

When a buyer uses a Sarap Now Coupon to make a purchase from your shop, you pay the same seller fees that you would have paid on an order without a Sarap Now Coupon.

What happens if I issue a refund?

When you issue a refund on for an order that used a coupon, the refund confirmation page displays a notification of the amount to be refunded to Sarap Now.

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