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Us Two Tea Loose Leaf Tea Set

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What's in the box:
• 50 g Osmanthus Oolong loose leaf tea 
• 50 g Jasmine loose leaf tea

Expiration date disclaimer: You may notice the expiration date on the packaging says 10/15/2021. We want to clarify that this is NOT the actual expiration date. 

Loose leaf tea (if stored away from sunlight and humidity), does not expire. While tea has no expiration date, our gift box teas are best consumed within two years after opening. After two years, your teas won’t go bad, but they may lose their true flavor, potency, and aroma. Regardless, this product is safe to consume past the expiration date.

So why the expiration date? Our loose leaf tea set was produced in Taiwan in 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our team was unable to oversee the production process in person, and our manufacturer mistakenly printed a one-year expiration date on all of our packages. We want to be 100% transparent with our customers, and we apologize for any misunderstandings.

To reiterate, as long as your tea is stored away from sunlight and humidity, it is safe to consume past the printed expiration date. 

    Memories of Elaine (Summer Intern)
    Tea Parties with Grandma

    I sat patiently in a quiet apartment where Grandpa’s snoring was background noise. In the kitchen, Grandma poured hot water over a pot of oolong loose leaf tea. She came into the living room with a smile, carrying three teacups - one just in case Grandpa woke up. The scent of oolong trailed in the steam that followed beside her. This familiar tea offering was a gesture of her care and love. For the rest of the afternoon, we sat in front of the television and spent our time together catching up and sipping the heartwarming tea she had steeped. When our little tea party was over, Grandma made sure I left with loose leaf tea in hand to bring to my family. “Visit me soon”, she called out. 

    ~section 2~

    Brewing instructions:
    1. Pour 8 oz of boiling water over 7 g (1 tbsp) of loose leaf tea
    2. Steep the first cup for 4 mins
    3. Re-steep your leaves to reveal complex flavors in the 2nd and 3rd cup
           • Second steep: 5 mins
           • Third steep: 6 mins

    Us Two Tea’s Osmanthus Oolong embodies a balanced blend of flavors designed by the expertise of our tea farmers. Each infusion releases a warm sunset on the palate - floral, fruity, woodsy, and smooth. The intoxicating scent of Osmanthus flowers is combined with high-quality oolong tea leaves sourced directly from the majestic peaks of Taiwan’s Nantou province. 

    Us Two Tea’s Jasmine is derived from a delicate combination of verdant green tea leaves and jasmine blossoms. The fragrance that is produced is famously floral, calming, and invigorating, opening the senses and soothing the mind. Brought to your teacup from the luscious tea valleys of Taiwan’s Pinglin, our Jasmine tea is alluring and poignant in taste and scent. 

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