Lu France Interiors

Lu France Interiors is created by France Malvar.  Lu France Interiors is a Filipino-American, woman-owned brand, based in San Diego, CA. 

About Lu France

With the core belief that businesses thrive when it supports and is supported by the community that makes its existence possible, Lu France Interiors works with artisans and small businesses from different parts of the world to bring you a selection of curated home decor pieces all made for intentional design. Good design is never rushed, it takes time and there is something extra beautiful when homes are designed and filled with meaningful, handmade pieces carefully crafted and collected through time, each carrying stories from the hands of its makers. 

Lu France Interiors and its collections pay homage to the work, skills, traditions, and artistry of its makers. We believe in sustainable and ethical business practices. In doing so we also carefully choose the small businesses and artisans we partner and collaborate with. From textile weavers in the Philippine provinces of Ilocos Norte, Bicol, and Cebu to artists in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, graphic designers in Singapore and San Diego, California, small business owners in New York and Missouri to name a few, we celebrate diversity and the beautiful artistry evident in our pieces, collections, and brand as a whole. 

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