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In the "Our Story" section of your shop's page, you can start diving into the reasons why you started doing what you do. A loyal group of customers can be built up by having an "Our Story" section that is both informative and interesting. It can also lead to things you didn't expect, like press coverage, collaborations, and new chances. We've written about The Art of Storytelling which should provide a great foundation for your page.

It might seem challenging to decide how to best translate your shop's story into words and graphics. Have no fear, here are four pointers to get you going.

1. Tell Us Why You Started

The greatest about pages tell a compelling tale of how the shop owner got started. Sharing important background information will connect customers with your brand on a personal level. This information should include the initial creative spark, major milestones, and how your business has progressed.

2. Use Videos and Images as tools

Another element of excellent "Our Story" sections is the use of high-quality photographs. Include pictures of you working in your workspace and honing your craft and give customers a peek behind the scenes. If you have a video from another social media source or site, you can embed the video onto your page and really let the video highlight your work.

3. Show Off What Makes You Unique

Highlight unique materials, production processes and anything else that might help your shop stand out. Paint a vivid picture of why customers should care about you and your products vs. whatever else is out there in the webesphere.

4. Let Them See You

Some makers are camera shy. We get it, but sometimes putting a face to the name helps build an online relationship with your buyers. This is especially important if you regularly show up at makers markets and pop-up events. Customers will remember meeting you, the experience you gave them, and will enjoy browsing more of your collection, even when you aren't there.

What are your tips for telling your shop's story?

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