Save Money. Reduce Food Waste.

Save Money. Reduce Food Waste.

Hi there, it's Katrina!

My Filipino grandma instilled sustainability ♻️ and reducing food waste in me before it was cool.

Growing up, food containers were repurposed and upcycled (think Jokoy and the Cool Whip container joke). You'll find made up recipes employing ingredients that are nearing its expiration dates. You'll also hear ay sayang, which means "oh, that's wasteful," often.

While these traits can be attributed to scarcity mindset, which many immigrants face, myself included, we can reframe them as resourceful, creative, and innovative 🥰.

With that said, we've launched a collection called "Last Chance" where you may save up to 90% off your fave foods while helping reduce food waste. You can read more about it here. The products in this collection will have the best by dates in the description.

If you have any questions, let us know.  We love hearing from you!

- Katrina
Co-Founder | Sarap Now

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