Sarap Cash: Sarap Now's Loyalty Program

July 03, 2021 3 Comments

Sarap Cash:  Sarap Now's Loyalty Program

Earn Sarap Cash (points) when you complete activities, and redeem your Sarap Cash (points) from Sarap Now!

How do I earn points?

💳 Make a purchase (1 point per $1)

📑 Create an account (100 points)

📣 Refer a friend (800 points = $10) - find your unique link to refer friends when you log in to your account, or find it in the email we sent you

Log in or create an account to learn more on how you can earn points and to see how many points you have available.

What rewards do I get?

🎟️ $20 Voucher (1600 points)

🎟️ $10 Voucher (800 points)

🎟️ BLK Fresh:  Creamy All Over Paint Summertime (1300 points)

Log in or create an account to learn more on what rewards are available.  Rewards change monthly, and while supplies last.

3 Responses

Cydney Daane
Cydney Daane

September 21, 2021

We just ordered 164.00 I didn’t know you guys offered rewards. How do we put it in our account ?

Sarap Now
Sarap Now

July 06, 2021

Hi Hinayana,

We just reached out to you via our messaging channels. We hope we can help you out there!

Hinayana Bawagan
Hinayana Bawagan

July 03, 2021

When I clicked on “redeem,” I got this LL-615S34E.

I tried entering this code while checking out but it was not recognized.

How do I use this?

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