Hello 💙

Hello 💙

Dear Sarap Now fam,

Time flies. May is coming to a close and it seems that our society is reopening up very soon, just as we had hoped when this pandemic first started. During quarantine, we are most grateful to have spent more time with our birth and chosen family, and we are grateful to have delivered your favorite Filipino goodies to you as you spent more time at home cultivating growth, love, and relationships that matter most.

May is AAPI Heritage month, and on our Instagram, we announced that a portion of Sarap Now’s May proceeds will go towards the Support the AAPI Community Fund. We are a Filipino American founded company, and we are proud members of the AAPI community. Despite the surge of violence in recent months, we are inspired and hopeful that there have been so many change-makers and voices that are committed to removing racial injustices in our society to help build a safer future for our families.

As we head into Memorial Day Weekend, we also want to honor the many Filipino Americans that have served our country. Being in the Military has long been ingrained in our history and culture. We thank you for your service from the bottom of our hearts.

Just as how we envisioned Sarap Now from when we first started in 2018, through this pandemic year, our mission remains the same... to deliver joy right to your door. We wanted Sarap Now to be an easy, convenient, trustworthy, and a fun place when shopping for traditional and artisanal Filipino goodies. To kick start a relaxing and meaningful weekend, I want to offer you an early access to 15% off your next order with code thankyou.

Here’s a little reminder, as we ease back into society, that love and kindness go a long way, and that everything is going to be ok. Stay safe. 

‘Til the next time,


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