Delimondo FAQs

Delimondo FAQs

You asked for Delimondo, we listened.  Then, you asked more questions, so here we are.

When will you have Delimondo back in stock?

There will be a weekly Delimondo drop, unless we do not receive any for the week.  Occasionally, there will be surprise drops as well. 

To ensure you don't miss the next drop, sign up for our back in stock notification email to get real-time inventory alerts.  The back in stock notification email can be found on each product page.

Alternatively, we send drop alert emails and announce it on our Instagram.  So, make sure you're signed up for our newsletters and/or following us on Instagram. 

What are the Delimondo flavors you carry?

At this time, we have Ranch, Garlic and Chili, Caldereta, Tapa, and Adobo.  But, availability of each flavor and size varies per week.

Is it really the best corned beef ever?

As Nicole Ponseca of Jeepney NYC has said, "Good taste is subjective.  Quality is obvious."  While we may have different tastes, the quality of Delimondo corned beef is obvious and unmatched.  But quite frankly, it's the best corned beef we've ever had.

I'm trying to order more, why is there a limit?

Currently, the Delimondo stock we receive is not nearly enough to go around 😔.  Depending on the week, the limit per cans will range from two to five cans per order.  While we understand this may be a little frustrating, the taste of Delimondo you're able to order will make up for some of the frustration... we promise.

I just got the email, but it's showing SOLD OUT?

It goes pretty quick.  Don't sleep.

'Til the next time... send us a note if you have any more questions, or if you just want to say hi!


  • Veronica Meneses

    Please notify me when you are fully stocked with Delimondo. I would like to order specifically the garlic and spicy flavors. Thank you so much.

  • Jennymagne

    Please let me know when have it in stock so o i can order right away.

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